We set our company apart from the competition by hiring the most experienced staff to prioritize the owner’s objectives for each project. Our past successes and innovative ideas attract the necessary capital to move projects from concept to fruition.

What We do

Owner’s Representative

Project management is critical to the financial success of any project. That compels us to incorporate planning, design, and construction oversight into our owner’s representative services. Our propriety system allows project managers to track and supervise all facets of the projects we undertake, including financials, schedules, performance, and reporting to principals. As a developer and advisor, we create opportunities, solve problems and, above all, mitigate and manage risk.

Public Private Partnerships

Tetrad Property Group specializes in implementing innovative real estate solutions for large corporate building projects and public-private partnerships throughout the Midwest. Our partnerships encompass a wide variety of industries including: Civic, Universities, Governmental, Science and Technology, Health and Wellness, Commercial Office Buildings, Retail, Hospitality, Mixed Use, Sports and Recreation, and Residential.

Master Development Planning

Our approach to master planning is based on close collaboration and review with clients and respective stakeholders to achieve positive and sustainable outcomes. At Tetrad Property Group, we believe a collaborative, transparent, and responsive process from the start is fundamental in achieving positive and sustainable outcomes.


Tetrad Property Group’s acquisition strategy is to focus on properties that have solid financial fundamentals – most often properties that are either depressed with strong basics and opportunities to add value, or properties that have existing cash flow that can be rolled into TPG’s real estate portfolio.

Asset Management

Quality, reliable asset management is essential to successful return on investment. We have a dedicated staff focused on managing, reporting, inspecting and maintaining all of the various asset types in our portfolio. We manage both third party and in-house properties. In-house property management, design, construction and finance professionals ensure our tenants receive responsive and helpful solutions to all of their needs.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Tetrad’s team has demonstrated a depth of knowledge in all facets… while helping the college maintain the original budget and schedule. The professionalism exhibited and guidance provided have been both impressive and refreshing. We Realize we are not their only client, but they are able to make it appear to be so. I highly recommend the company for their professional guidance and deep understanding of modern construction practices.”

- Randy Schmailzl, College President
Metropolitan Community College

TPG is well-equipped to manage a project at all levels - from design through closeout. TPG has the resources, relationships and knowledge to successfully navigate and achieve whatever special considerations your project requires.

- Chad Wiles, Vice President
Hausmann Construction

“Tetrad always exhibited professionalism and efficiencies in the building process. There were integral in coordinating and collaborating with the architects, designers, subcontractors, and other parties and were instrumental in making our building project a success.”

- Trev Alberts, Vice Chancellor for Athletic Leadership and Management , Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
University of Nebraska Omaha

“Tetrad exhibited great attention to detail and valuable leadership during the building process. They prioritized the identification of potential problems early on and facilitated the necessary solutions to those issues. Tetrad was able to effectively balance these challenges, prevent conflict and keep the project moving forward, on time and on budget.”

- Gary Freeman, Executive Director
Hastings College Foundation

The team work has been exceptionally collaborative between the owner, design team and contractor. TPG has been very open in communication between all individuals working on the project. It is very appreciated that input by everyone is respected, and that we are listening to one another, and that everyone’s input is valued.

- Christopher J. Johnson, AIA, Vice President, Managing Principal
Leo A. Daly Company